Sunday, August 9, 2015


It's been a while since we posted anything on this blog.... Why, well renovations finished, life back to normal, so what is there to post...

As you saw on our last post Hippo passed away - this was very hard for us, so we decided on the sensible option of getting another dog... Meet Jambo - rescue dog from the Turks & Caicos islands, why, why not? She is adorable but has her moments, not quite as placid as Hippo was and certainly has a voice, which Hippo never had.

We are waiting with baited breath from various breeders to find out if we can get dog #2 - a chocolate labrador...

In the meantime a selection of pictures of the little Jambo

Monday, May 19, 2014


For anyone still following our blog, sorry for the lack of information.  Just want to let the followers know that we had to put Hippo to sleep this weekend.  She is in peace and out of pain, but we miss her so much xxxx

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico here we come. Sitting in Jet Blue terminal having some sushi as we will get nothing on the plane. Very excited to have first visit here not due to missing connecting flights........

Staying at the Royal Isabela but probably not playing golf. Thinking of a cooking class tomorrow and scuba diving on Saturday. Then rest on Sunday.

Happy Easter to all still following our blog :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Road trip

Didn't manage to pull off our planned 7am start, probably not really a surprise!  1030 start to a fairly uneventful trip to Washington, D.C. .... Or so we thought, never trust the apple maps in this city. Why, you ask, because after the 5th u turn onto the same road we gave up and reverted to paper.

Ritz Carlton was waiting for us and very nice room too. After our late start we only managed to get to the international spy museum with its Bond exhibition. Not worth the $40 but it is still a fascinating museum especially all the old school spy stuff. The Bond exhibition was pretty good too. Russian children gave a wooden replica of the seal of America to the American ambassador and hidden in it was a microphone. Great little ditty about the carrier pigeon who flew 125 miles with a mangled leg to save 194 people - he also received the Croix du Guerre from the French.

Coming out we were greeted by a huge flock of starlings that just kept growing.
After the spy museum we headed in search of a martini, but with no coats on in the freezing cold we gave up pretty quickly and headed back to the hotel bar. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Old Mans Cup

This weekend was the Old Mans Cup.....  A golf "tournament" hosted by Emma and Leighton in Vermont.

About 20 of us playing, including 4 girls. 3 of us in the same group - while we definitely took it seriously we also had quite a laugh. Emma, Sarah and I were the 3 ball. Emma started a new trend of marking the ball on the green then picking up the mark without putting down the ball....

The front nine was quite successful for all 3 of us. I even got a birdie (before applying my handicap) on the 6th - rather pleased about that.

After picking up vodka and soda and wine the back nine was a little more erratic. Emma would go neatly down the middle of the fairway while Sarah and I would take opposite sides down the rough!!! On the 13th I decided to go back and play the 11th landing behind a tree stump. Emma's advice - don't hit the tree stump - well I am not great at taking advice, hit the tree stump, ball flew into the air and ended up in my hand (good catch) - the question of the evening is whether I could have walked the ball to play from where I chose it to lie given it was lying in my hand.

The 18th is always a little daunting and even more so when some of the boys are heckling you :( Emma had an amazing shot from the back of the water, pond skimmed the water twice and then popped out at the back of the water. The boys couldn't see the end result but our high fives made it quite clear. Another new rule created - when under a willow tree and there is a root the ball can be moved!  Finally on the green and I asked Emma if she wanted me to mark my ball......  She didn't and low and behold she knocked mine out the way. By this time we all just had the giggles!!!!

So a lovely day out and then dinner with all at the club. While shorty and I did well we were not serious contenders for the cup :(

Photos of the fall foliage to follow

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Don't tell Jon.....

But am going to let the cat out of the bag......  As part of our gift to my parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary we had a "photo shoot" in Vermont - check out the photographers blog for a sneak preview of the photos

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seaside Heights

So Credit Suisse Team Fun headed off to Seaside Heights, for those of you who don't know where that it…. it it THE Jersey Shore - yes the Jersey Shore of Snooki et al…..

It is a strip of land that you get to over a bridge and during Hurricane Sandy the water from the bay and the ocean met in the middle of Seaside Heights.  This was also where the roller coaster collapsed during the storm.

We worked with New Jersey Cares at a school that had been under 3ft of water and remained under water for some time as the bridge was taken out in the storm and no one could get to the school to do anything with it.

Our job was to clean up the playground, paint some of the playground benches, move in the new furniture and paint some hopscotch in the playground.

We had a fabulous time, but it was a little exhausting as it was the 3 day heat wave in NY - topped out at 39 degrees Thursday afternoon - on black top not so much fun, but we persevered…….

Some photos